About us

Who we are.

Brosnans is a family business that’s been dependably serving individuals and businesses for over 30 years. Our clients are based throughout the UK, but mainly Yorkshire.

Our core principles.

We put ourselves in your shoes and we treat you in the way that we would want to be treated. A very basic but incredibly strong ethic.


We listen. Unless we understand what you want and your personal or business goals, then we can be in no position to advise. We will take time and effort to align ourselves with your own vision.

In your best interest

With our team's collective years of accounting experience and exposure, we have seen pretty much all problems before, and we know successful solutions, as long as we keep you within the regulatory framework of HMRC then your best interest is served.


We are from Yorkshire. It is a given that we are clear, some might say direct, we say straight forward and efficient!

Forward thinking

We may have been around for over 30 years, but we've moved with the times. We're au fait with the latest technologies and cloud accounting platforms. We can even provide training  to bring you up to speed. We will also advise on what  new regulation is about to hurtle around the corner at speed that could affect all our clients!

Small firm feel. Big firm expertise

The big expensive firms employ the same staff with the same hard earned qualifications, they could have an advantage on specific specialisms, but we are general practitioners, and anything we don't know, we seek out through our network of contacts. One piece of worthy advice is to only ever use a firm of chartered accountants - The Institute of Chartered Accountants set the toughest exams and standards and only the brightest get the qualification. You deserve the brightest team working for you.

No surprises

Our business is to keep in touch with you and agree any fees ahead of us starting any job for you. We know surprises are only welcome around birthdays!

Meet our team

The Senior Management Team

Bernard Brosnan FCA

Adam Brosnan FCA
Managing Director

Sharon Hutchinson

Kate McManus ACA

Freda Rashid FCCA CTA

Laura Brain FCA
Associate Director

Blossom at Brosnans.

We are always interested in looking at the skills and expertise that are in the job market. If you would like to send a speculative email on the off-chance we have a vacancy, please send your CV and covering email to enquiries@brosnans.co.uk

Current vacancies

We are currently looking for a book keeper for our Keighley office, and a semi-senior accountant for our Brighouse office.

To be considered for a position, please send your CV to us at enquiries@brosnans.co.uk

Blossom tree

What's with all the sheep?

Sheep are hugely versatile creatures, providing food: lamb; mutton; cheese and milk. Wool – clothing and insulation, hides and skins. Lanolin for cosmetics and the pharma industries. They clear paths, control unwanted vegetation, can thrive in any environment, good problem solvers, happy to be guided, and rely on someone with more power than themselves – they are just mightily fine creatures. The horns can be used for buttons – do we need to continue? OK, rugs, slippers, fertiliser…..we’ve stopped. Where would we be without buttons?

For all their strengths they do fall just short of perfect…they have absolutely no idea when it comes to accounts preparation or taxation. That is why you need Brosnans. Call us.

Talk to us

If you want a quick chat, use our contact form or call 01484722125, we are always happy to help.